CDSOC Members Honor and Remember Tracy McKenney

Tracy McKenney at a CDSOC planning meeting in 2016 prior to her illness. Photo: Leslee Newman
Tracy McKenney at a CDSOC planning meeting in 2016 prior to her illness. Photo: Leslee Newman

Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County members share their remembrances of their colleague Tracy McKenney, former CDSOC Board President who passed away from cancer in September 2016.

“Tracy McKenney was always, smart, positive, with an uncanny ability to summarize and synthesize all thoughts on a collaborative team or in a Collaborative meeting.”

“Cannot think of Tracy without remembering her smile and her laugh. Professional and competent go without saying but her heart and the ability to reach out to touch the people she worked with. That was her gift and I will miss her.”

“Tracy was positive. She had a great laugh and was very helpful to her (and our) clients. I have come across people lately who she helped before and who she encouraged into a non-adversary process. Her children are her everlasting testament.”

“It still feels surreal. With Tracy’s sense of humor and sense of adventure. I still feel like she’s just away on one of those amazing trips. I still see and feel her in my everyday life. I still think she’s messing with me. Like the weekend after she passed, I met a couple named Scott and Tracy. That’s classic Tracy. She will always be with me.”

“Tracy always had a smile and was a happy person and a friend to her clients. She will be missed by many.”

“What Tracy imparted to me: Tremendous kindness to help professionally, generous time was spent to teach me about finances and a wonderful gift of laughter that always put a smile on my face and still does when I think of her.”

“Tracy was always happy. When she was around it was always fun! She will be missed by all of her friends rest in peace sweet Tracy.”

“Tracy was always happy and fun. The best laugh. We all loved her so much.”

“Tracy was the ultimate professional and gave her all to the collaborative team. This she did with kindness and humor. She leaves a large hole in our lives.”

“Tracy was someone so full of life and optimism, which of course makes it more of a loss. She was innovated and had a positive approach to everyone. She will be missed but her high energy will always be with us.”

“It is so hard to talk about Tracy in past tense. She was the true expression of an authentic person with the highest integrity. A great friend who I will dearly miss.”

“If compassion is the radicalism of the world today, as the Dalai Lama said, thru Tracy was the face of radicalism in our world. Her great intelligence, wit and humor were qualities we counted on, but the compassion brought peace in the midst of loss to so many of our clients. She was a rare and beautiful person who will always be a part of us.”

“Tracy embodied all that is human; compassion, professionalism, communication; dedication to leaving the world better than she found it. Tracy was extremely comfortable to be around, made you feel welcome with her infectious smile. She left an impression and her imprint on all she met. She will be remembered with a smile and love.”

“Tracy’s compassionate spirit lives on. She was a consummate peacemaker. Her infectious smile put everyone at ease. She was dedicated to ensuring that those going through divorce knew about peaceful options. She will be missed and remembered.”

“Tracy was always cheerful and very committed to helping people learn that they could settle disputes in a respectful and peaceful way. She was the most dedicated member of CDS when it came to educating the public about a better alternative to litigation. She was a wonderful colleague and a great human being.”

“For many years, I had the pleasure of working alongside of Tracy on the CDS Board, Roundtable and Divorce Options. She was a dedicated peacemaker. Her dedication has left behind some huge footprints to follow. As we were both neutral financial specialists, we never had an opportunity to work together on cases. However, we did used to meet and discuss the financials’ role and how to improve on the work we do. She will be missed. Rest in Peace and May God Keep His Arms around Tracy and her family.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy on 15 different Collaborative law teams starting back in 2009. I have also had the pleasure of working with Tracy on the Board of CDSOC for many years and as a trainer with CDEI. I came to know Tracy as a devoted peacemaker who continually modeled honest and integrity. She was consistently trustworthy, dependable and a commitment driven colleague and friend. She was devoted to all of the peacemaking process and helping families resolve their conflict out of court in a way that they were thoroughly educated on the financial component of their legal dispute. Tracy’s commitment to training for herself and other Collaborative professionals is also well documents and admirable. While I am glad that she is at peace and is no longer suffering, at the same time I am sad that the peacemaking community lost a valuable warrior. Rest in peace, friend.”

“As I embarked on my journey as a Collaborative professional, Tracy was always supportive, willing to help, talked me through things and shared her enthusiasm for the process. She was fun over drinks and a symbol of strength. She is missed.”

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