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    The act of sending electronic mail to CDSOC or making an Online Contact Form submission does not alone create an Attorney-Client relationship. Please see our entire statement here.

    The CDSOC team approach offers you a choice of professionals to address all legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce, as well as other types of civil and commercial disputes.

    Our clients get the support they need to preserve continuing relationships. They consider and work through issues that are important to them in a thoughtful, respectful way designed to avoid confrontation. Together with their professional team they create an individual, confidential settlement.

    The Collaborative Process can be used for the following types of disputes as an alternative to a lengthy and expensive litigation process in court:

    • Divorce and separation
    • Child custody and child support
    • Prenuptial agreements
    • Employment and workplace disputes
    • Estate planning
    • Domestic partnerships

    Contact Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County through our telephone number or email address and a member can discuss the options available in your unique situation. All inquiries are considered confidential

    For Collaborative Divorce Professionals (Membership)

    Become a member of Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County and reap the benefits

    Whether you are interested in Collaborative case referrals, training or collegial events, you will benefit from membership in Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County. other Collaborative professionals.

    Benefits of CDSOC Membership

    • Your prospective clients can learn about Collaborative Practice
    • Your name will appear on the CDSOC website member referral list, searchable by specific criteria
    • You will also become part of the statewide Collaborative Practice California (CPCal) website and network; and the national/international International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) website and network
    • Your profile will have a direct link to your business website and your IACP profile page
    • You have a publishing and promotional platform available through the website Blog page and social media accounts, and receive the benefit of professional public relations and marketing support
    • You have direct access to all CDSOC events and educational resources for clients
    • You receive email information about special events and topics of interest

    Why would anyone put in the time, training, and make the financial investment to become a Collaborative Practice professional?

    Collaborative Practice will breathe new life into your career as a financial, mental health, or legal professional. It will expand your toolkit and teach you a range of skills that will complement your current professional practice.

    When you learn, train, and incorporate the Collaborative Process into your professional work, you will never practice the same way again. Collaborative Practice will lift your spirits, and you will enjoy the benefits of working as part of a team of Collaborative Practice professionals assisting your clients.

    Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County is one of over 20 practice groups in California, and one of the finest in Southern California. We have over a decade of experience guiding Orange County families in divorce and separation transitions without going to court.  Our Collaborative Divorce Solutions professionals have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of families, and you can make a difference too.

    You are invited to attend one of our luncheon meetings and meet our Orange County Collaborative professionals. Bring your questions, and learn first hand from them if becoming a Collaborative Professional is right for you.

    Monthly meetings are held on the third Thursday (except in June and December) at 11:45am at Grand Catered Events, located at 300 S. Flower Street, Orange. You may call for more information at (949) 266-0660.

    For New Members/Renewing Members – Membership Application Forms

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