Training for Trainers: Build Your Practice

Date(s) - 03/02/21 - 03/05/21
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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IACP Event

This Training for Trainers course is being offered as a joint venture between IACP and Forrest “Woody” Mosten. This training is available only to those who have completed the basic course of Building a Satifying Collaborative Practice either through a partnership with IACP or previously through Woody Mosten or one of his approved trainers.

This Training is designed to provide the content and training strategies to qualify course participants to teach a course on Building a Successful Collaborative Practice. Attendees will be authorized to use all materials provided and are encouraged to modify the agenda and course materials in future courses to meet the goals of the course and qualifications of the trainer.

The IACP is partnering with Woody Mosten for the Build-Your-Practice Training for Trainers course in  March  2021. If there is available space, Applicants who have not completed this course will be given an opportunity to fulfill this requirement by completing a six-hour IACP-sponsored training on February 18-19, 2021 (Reduced Tuition, $250 for IACP Members, $350 for others)


Topics covered will include: 

  • Training Strategies for Adult Learning
  • Developing Overall Course Learning Objective and Individual Objectives for Each Model
  • Sequencing Modules to Maximize Different Teaching modalities such as lecture, demonstration, group work, simulation, and discussion •Developing and Producing Customized Training Materials at minimum cost to participants
  • Marketing and Operating a Successful Training

Each attendee will present a 20-minute module of the course material with feedback from Trainer and other training participants


Class size will be limited to 15.  Apply below, applications due by Nov. 30, 2020, and applicants will be notified of their status by Dec. 15, 2020.  Successful applicants who have not already completed a Build-Your-Practice training will be required to pay for and attend the online training scheduled for Feb. 18-19, 2021.





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Trainers: Forrest (Woody) Mosten and Other Assistant Trainers to Be Selected


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Price info: 

The cost is $ $595 for IACP Members and $695 for others.


Attendance will be limited to 15 participants.

First priority will be given to Applicants who have completed the Building a Successful Collaborative Practice course.