What are the benefits of Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce can be a transformational experience, improving communication and problem solving skills, or can be more facilitative to help resolve the immediate disagreements so you can each go your own way. While there is never a guarantee as to outcome in any divorce process, those who are willing to cooperate and commit to finding solutions often enjoy:

  • Stronger, longer-lasting agreements… because they created them themselves;
  • No, or fewer, court hearings, both during their divorce and for modifications/changes after their divorce;
  • Better conflict resolution, relationship, and/or communication skills, that they role model for their children;
  • The peace of mind of knowing their decisions were informed as to family, law, and financial impact;
  • Tailored outcomes focused on personal, family, financial, and social goals;
  • Minimized tax implications;
  • Limited court filings, keeping most of their personal and financial information private;
  • Faster emotional and/or financial recovery from the divorce.