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Cathleen Collinsworth , CDFA®, MAFF®

Financial Specialist Forensic Accounting Offices of Cathleen Collinsworth
4000 Barranca Parkway #250 Irvine, CA 92604 Work Phone: (949) 262-3692
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Divorce is a stressful, uncertain time in your life. Ms. Collinsworth uses her genuine people skills and authentic personal style to educate you on the unique options, risks, strategies and expectations you’re facing. Indeed, you’ll get more than just certified divorce financial services expertise; you’ll get a trusted, loyal ally to help make wise, informed decisions that appropriately protect your current and long-term financial interests.

Ms. Collinsworth has been retained as a Forensic Accountant and Expert Witness to provide services in the area of family law in the following principal areas:

  • Collaborative divorce financial services
  • Mediated divorce financial services
  • Cash flow
  • Tracing separate and community assets
  • Preparing the marital balance sheet
  • Business valuations
  • Other financial areas to assist the parties and the Court

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Ms. Collinsworth can help divorcing clients and their family lawyers address the special financial issues of divorce with the data that can help achieve equitable settlements. As a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF®), Ms. Collinsworth offers her clients a unique combination of professional forensic skill due to her experience with small business owners, her education and training in police science, accounting and business valuations. Her proven, in-depth experience includes: collaborative divorce; mediation; cash flow; business valuations; tracing separate and community assets; preparing the marital balance sheet; and other financial areas for over 20 years. Additionally, Ms. Collinsworth has 20 years of experience in professional tax service, including expertise with small business owners.


Additional Information

Type of Profession: (Certified Divorce Financial Specialist), MAFF® (Master Analyst in Financial Forensics), Neutral Financial Specialist, Mediator

Professional Training in Collaborative Process:

  • Collaborative Divorce Training: Basic Interdisciplinary Training
  • Collaborative Divorce Training: Full Team Protocols for Collaborative Divorce Practice
  • Collaborative Practice California: Getting to the Emotional Truth of the Case
  • Collaborative Practice California:From Grievance to Agreement, Adding Forgiveness to our Collaborative Toolbox
  • Collaborative Practice California: Financial and Tax Challenges facing Domestic Partnership in the Collaborative Process
  • Collaborative Practice California: Building a Better Sandbox, Insider Tips for Creating and Building a Thriving Practice
  • Collaborative Practice California: PLENARY II, Using Peacemaking to Build a Profitable Practice
  • Collaborative Practice California: The Greek Chorus in your Collaborative Case, How to Work with Your “Felt But Not Seen” Participants
  • Collaborative Practice California: Applied Behavioral Finance, Financial Decision-Making at the Intersection of Emotion and Economic Theory
  • Collaborative Practice California: When the Body Says No, The Stress Disease Connection
  • Collaborative Practice California: Practice Exercises for Managing Borderlines & Narcissists
  • Collaborative Practice California: What You Need to Know About Retirement Plans and QDROS in the Collaborative Process
  • Collaborative Practice California: Sharing the Nest, Redefining Separation in a difficult Economy
  • Collaborative Practice California: Applied Non-Defensive Techniques for Collaborative Cases
  • Collaborative Practice California: Working with Difficult Clients, Expanding the Boundaries of Collaborative Practice
  • CDEI Collaborative Divorce Education Institute: Advance Interdisciplinary Team Training
  • CDI Collaborative Divorce Institute: Collaborative Divorce Streamline Protocols
  • Collaborative Practice California: What You need to Know About Pension Valuations and (Q)DRO’s
  • Collaborative Practice California: The Neuroscience of Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Collaborative Practice California: Positioning from Within the Professional Team
  • Collaborative Practice California: To the Mats and Beyon
  • Collaborative Practice California: Up-sizing, Creating and Growing an Increasingly Profitable Collaborative Practice
  • Collaborative Practice California: De-Stress and Re-Fresh in Less Than Three Minutes
  • Collaborative Practice California: PLENARY I, Is Domestic Violence Always Physical
  • Collaborative Practice California: Does What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas, Confidentiality in Collaborative
  • Collaborative Practice California: Creating and Understanding of Clients’ Motivations, Values, Principles and Needs to Support Sustainable Solutions
  • Collaborative Practice California: Financial Software in Collaborative Practice
  • Collaborative Practice California: Helping Your Clients to Collaborate More Effectively
  • Collaborative Practice California: Inspiring Client Cooperation
  • Collaborative Practice California: The Use of Interpersonal Biofeedback to Reduce Emotional Re-activity and Enhance Empathy in Marriage and Divorce
  • Collaborative Practice California: PLENARY II, divorce Options Revamped
  • Collaborative Practice California: Efficient, Effective and Creative Financial Protocols in Collaborative Practice
  • Collaborative Practice California: Divorce, Again
  • Collaborative Practice California: Coaching for BIFF Responses (to Hostile Communications)
  • Collaborative Practice California: Increase Your Collaborative Business Through Divorce Options
  • CDSOC Member Training: Resilient/Anti-Fragile Clients in Divorce: The Ethical Dilemma-Ridden Case: What Would You Have Done?

Areas of practice:
Collaborative Divorce, Collaborative Practice, Cooperative Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Family Law, Mediation, Referee

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4000 Barranca Parkway #250 Irvine CA 92604 United States

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