How To Get A No-Fault Divorce

Process as follows:

  • At least one spouse decides to end the marriage and complies with the requirements of no-fault divorce.
  • A Petition and Summons are drafted with any other required forms such as a child custody jurisdiction form, to open the divorce case.
  • Declarations of Disclosure including individual Income and Expense Declarations and a Schedule of Assets and Debts are drafted and exchanged.
  • The parties submit proposals, meet and confer, seek the advice of other professionals, and enter into agreements to include in their Marital Settlement Agreement or Stipulated Judgment.
  • Once agreements are reached, the attorneys draft the Settlement Agreement or Stipulated Judgment, and other forms to complete the case.
  • After review and revisions, the parties and their attorneys sign a final draft. All final agreements are filed with the court, without the necessity of a court appearance. However, if a court appearance is scheduled, the parties and their attorneys may appear in court, submit their Judgment, ask the court to sign it, and even terminate their marital status if the parties have completed their six-month waiting period after filing and serving the Petition and Summons.