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Vision Statement: Family-centered out of court solutions are the preferred way to divorce.

Mission Statement:

  • educate the public about a healthy divorce process for couples and families
  • provide the highest quality education and training for divorce professionals
  • provide a team of support to stay out of court


Board Mission Statement: “To open new opportunities for Board evolution in leadership and management, thereby facilitating the legacy of CDSOC.”


CDSOC is dark in December so this is my last President’s Message until the new year.

We have entered a wonderful time of the year, Holiday Season.  We spend time with friends & family reflecting on this past year and anticipating what the New Year will bring.

This President’s Message is my reflection on the many good works our members have done over the years as well as what the 2017-2018 Board has brought to CDSOC in the first half of our term.

Eureka Awards

CP Cal presents the Eureka Award each year at the annual conference.  The Eureka Award recognizes and honors those who “have made significant contributions and demonstrated an abiding dedication to establishing and sustaining Collaborative Practice in California.”

The following are CDSOC members who have received this honor in the past.

• Leslee Newman2009• Carol Hughes2011• Bart Carey2012
• Brian Don Levy2013• Cathleen Collinsworth2015
• Diana Martinez2017• Tracy McKenney2017

Get involved and continue to enhance your collaborative skills and you may be on this list for 2018!

Quote Knowledge is Power

Between our Lunch Programs & Roundtable we have received a wealth of knowledge this year.  I want to give a big shout out to Bruce Fredenburg, CDSOC Vice President and Carol Hughes, Training & Education committee chair for putting together some great programs during the 1st half of my Presidency.

We started off with “Valuable Things I Learned at CP Cal” with presenters Bart Carey, Leslee Neman and John Denny.

That was followed by “Interdisciplinary Mediation – How to use principles of interdisciplinary collaborative practice in your mediation” with presenters Shawn Weber & Shawn Skillin.  They presented on their co-mediation style and applied it to working with difficult clients.

I wondered how Bruce & Carol could continue to bring us interesting topics.  Well, there was no need to wonder because they continued each month to bring us thought-provoking programs.

In September Matt Havrevold provided us with a deeper understanding of Our Family Wizard and benefits to our clients that most of us did not know.

This was followed by Ed Pallotta, Jr. teaching us about the new paradigm of Relational Identity Theory (RIT), as created by Daniel Shapiro, Ph.D. of the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation, as set forth in his ground-breaking book, Negotiating the Nonnegotiable and other works.

Rounding out the year is Mark Hill, CFP, CDFA, presenting my favorite topic, “Teamwork and how to get the best from your financial specialist”.  Mark is a former trainer for Collaborative Divorce Team Trainings and trained many of our most experienced members, including your President.

In honor of the enthusiasm and compassion that Patrick Healey embodied, CDSOC created the Patrick Healey Award.  This award is given to someone who is calm, compassionate and people-focused and who is actively promoting the growth of the Collaborative Process.  This year’s recipient was:

Sara Milburn, Collaborative Lawyer


Latest “Split” Updates

I met Ellen Bruno, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, at the 2013 IACP Forum.  In 2014, CDSOC sponsored an unbelievable luncheon with the premier of “Split – A Film for Kids of Divorce (and their Parents)”.  Ms. Bruno is currently working on a follow-up film titled, “The SPLIT Kids as Teens – Looking Back at Family Change: What Worked and What Could Have Been Better”

We are working with Ms. Bruno to be our guest speaker sometime this spring.

You may want to research how you can get a custom web portal to embed SPLIT in your website or become a SPLIT affiliate.  Please go to to more information.

Thank You!

I want to thank all the members who have volunteered to be greeters at our lunch programs.  Making our guests feel welcome is so important.

  • Bart Carey
  • Therese Fey
  • Rosemary Kane
  • Julianne Waggoner
  • Sean Waggoner
  • Suanne Honey


To all the guests that have joined us this year, on behalf of CDSOC I thank you for taking the time to meet our members and experience an educational lunch program.  I hope you found our CDSOC luncheon experience enlightening.  I look forward to seeing you all at future programs.

Save the Date

I sure hope all members remember to mark December 9, 2017 as our annual Holiday Party.  Bart Carey will oversee the event this year.  Knowing Bart, this year’s party will be the event of the Season.  I can’t wait to see you all there.


In my first President’s Message back in July, I introduced the CDSOC 2017—2018 Board.  At this time I want to thank my Board for all the help and support they have given me in the first half of my Presidential Term.


Bart Carey, Bruce Fredenburg, Therese Fey, Leslee Newman, Marv Chapman, Carol Hughes, Rosemary Kane, Suanne Honey and Jennifer Webb

Season’s Greetings Happy Hanukkah Merry Christmas



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Together we can create a compassionate, just, sustainable, spiritually awake world where everyone wins.  For years we have talked about being peacemakers – now let’s be change makers.



Cathleen Collinsworth

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